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"Nicole did marriage counselling for us over a full year. We both were very comfortable with Nicole and found it very easy to talk openly and honestly about our issues. We both even agreed that we enjoyed our sessions even though we had some difficult issues to work through. We found Nicole to be very acute in seeing the problem areas and helping us to address them with useful techniques and thoughtfulness. Nicole gave us much clarity and understanding of ourselves as individuals and for us together as a couple. We were very happy with the availability and flexibility that Nicole was able to provide us with our scheduling of appointments. We searched around and tried several counsellors until our family doctor recommend Nicole to us and we were both so glad that we finally found a counsellor that we both were so happy with. I would easily recommend Nicole for any type of counselling."

- Louise K

"Nicole is an amazing counselor. She has helped me through a variety of situations in life, including break-ups, illness and major changes. She has a unique ability to frame a situation in newer, thought-provoking ways that help you move forward and break old thought patterns. I highly recommend Nicole for her counselling skills and also for her kind, warm and realistic approach to her clients."

- A Happy Client

"I am writing this review with an extremely grateful heart. After weeks of attempting to deal with the nasty fallout from a traumatic accident I realized the physical wounds may have healed but the emotional damage was accelerating. Nightmares, lack of sleep, 'day'mares, replaying the event, gut churning and acute anxiety all prompted me to seek help. With Nicole's compassionate guidance I was able to work through the traumatic event using her expertise with EMDR therapy. I contribute the outstanding success of this treatment to her detailed and patient approach to each nuance of emotional pain, the encouragement to purge the built up emotion and her ability to help me understand all the factors in play that were beyond my control. By the end of my sessions (one less than predicted), I was free of all the emotional and physical symptoms I had previously displayed and am also able to speak openly and candidly about the event. I am a different person now. Thank you Nicole!!!"

- Jan L

"Solace counselling offers a great service. I highly recommend Nicole."

- Latoya Robinson

"Thank you, Nicole for your support and help this year. You made a tremendous impact on my life and the insight I gained is invaluable. Thank you also for seeing my son. Your observations helped us narrow down the issues he was facing so that we could make positive decisions for him.I am so grateful to you."

- C Maxwell

"I worked with Nicole for a few months this past year and the results were amazing. I went to see her for one thing and we ended up working on something totally different - an underlying trauma that I didn't realize was impacting so many other things in my life. Nicole recognized the issue right away after we talked for only a short time. She used EMDR therapy with me, which was simple and effective. She was always kind and respectful, but really focussed on helping me see real life improvement. Nicole told me at the beginning that we would get to a specific outcome - one which I frankly didn't believe until it actually occurred. I would recommend Nicole to anyone who is looking for real results."

- Alison Hierons

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